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Outsourced accounting services For companies that are in the early stages of growth, accounting and taxation can appear to be complicated and time-consuming problems. This is because entrepreneurs and small businesses often are not aware of all the regulations applicable to them. Even if they know of the regulations, the nature of the work would require a full-time specialist to be employed even with low volumes.

In established businesses as well, we now see more and more companies trying to remain lean and outsource non-core functions. Owners also often find it easier to deal with an external agency that is answerable to them rather than deal with layers of employees in their own company. Finally, to avoid problems in tax scrutiny and assessments, it is helpful to use an agency that has specialists in these fields rather than relying on employees who only deal with the basics of these issues.

PMH & Associates LLP

Companies of various categories may require professional help in the accounting and taxation areas. Rather than save money by trying to set up these functions inside the company, many companies look for dependable outsourced accounting services. This service provider should not only be able to get things started, but also provide seamless transition a few years later when the company is ready to take things into its own hands.

Through our group firm, we offer outsourced accounting and tax services to clients. With an experienced team that is accustomed to planning around large volumes, tax deadlines and audit deadlines, we eliminate the hassle of accounting for small- to mid-sized entities. Our services include:

  • Monthly business accounting in Tally, SAP, Quick Books and Navision
  • Monthly assessment of tax deducted at source (TDS) and payments
  • Quarterly filing of TDS returns
  • Tax calculations for employees to determine TDS
  • Payroll calculations on a monthly basis
  • Quarterly assessment of income tax liability for the company and payment
  • Annual assessment of income tax liability and filing of returns
  • GST compliances on an ongoing basis (see Indirect tax services for more details)
  • Management/MIS accounts preparation on a periodic basis (monthly/quarterly)
  • Company accounts preparation as per Indian GAAP (Schedule VI), Ind-AS or IFRS on an annual basis for audit and filing with regulatory authorities
  • Assistance in setting the accounting and reporting policies and framework for companies
  • Assistance in setting up tax registrations and compliances
  • Transition assistance for companies once they can take accounting and tax activities in-house

Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management is a strategic approach to effective management of people in any organization. The Human Resource (HR) department in an organization is responsible for overseeing employee benefits, recruitment of employees, training and development, performance appraisals. However, very often for organizations, maintaining an in-house Human Resource (HR) department proves to be very complex and hence they prefer outsourcing the HR function. In this way, the organization reduces the business risk and is also cost effective.

In order to cater this need of such organizations, PMH helps companies in develop a comprehensive Human Resource (HR) strategy which includes:

  • Talent Acquisition and retention
  • Training and development
  • Performance management
  • Benefits and compensation

PMH assists in drafting, structuring  and vetting HR policies in line with the organizational goals, preparing tax efficient salary structures, drafting confidentiality and data protection policies of the organization with regard to HR Policies, drafting expatriate employment agreements, advise HR related sensitive terminations and developing strategy and separation or exit of senior management.



PMH & Associates LLP was established in 2013. We are a team of young professionals, committed to provide quality professional services in a time-bound manner and build a longstanding relationship with our clients.

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