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A lack of understanding of a business, uncertainty about markets, difficulty in innovating and strategy execution are some of the challenges which organizations face. A business needs to evolve with time and become sustainable. For this, an organization needs the right business consultants and advisors  which are customer focused, driven by excellence and can navigate complex business processes. Our team of business consultants, business analysts, market research analyst and financial advisors at PMH help  establish platforms and develop industry practices to keep up with the dynamic business environment

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A. Corporate Advisory

India offers a variety of legal entities each with special characteristics. Based on it’s needs, in order to establish itself, any business should be incorporated as a legal entity. Subsequently, after being incorporated, there are several regulatory compliances which need to be adhered to in light of the applicable laws.

PMH aims to understand the framework under which the organization operates and provides business consultancy to companies. Based on this understanding, PMH focuses to bring about validation of business plans and implement successful business strategies.

In an ever changing and complex business environment, organizations are constantly striving to innovate, optimize business practices, grow and protect their businesses. It therefore becomes essential for organizations to collaborate with professionals who can offer valuable insights in order to achieve efficiency in terms of improvement in operations, capitalize on opportunities in the given regulatory framework and help deliver better working outcomes.

PMH assists business to ensure the right set up based on type of business and audience the companies wish to target.

B. Financial Advisory

Finance plays a pivotal role for any organization. An organization needs finance to run it’s day – to – operations, expand it’s business operations. The sources of funding are many, however these need to be evaluated keeping in mind various parameters such as – the sector/industry in which the organization operates, the regulatory framework which affects the business of the organization. Any organization needs to have robust and well net worked financial advisors and strategic consulting partners to assist them through their requirements.

Organizations – especially Indian SMEs , startups require capital to give impetus to their growing businesses. In order to induce investors, the organizations need to ensure that their books of accounts are maintained in accordance with the applicable statutory laws and compliances are duly adhered to. With our team of financial experts, we ensure maintenance of books of accounts, presentation of financial statements as per the applicable standards and also necessary compliances.

Our experts assist with selecting the right sources of funding which include:
Debt and equity placement, IPOs advisory services, project financing, turnaround financing, venture capital financing, capital restructuring, long term and working capital financing, raising foreign currency loans (including ECB’s), raising private short-term finance from high net worth individuals.

In addition to the above, PMH assists borrowers and financial institutions / banks in the settlement of accounts and NPA reduction, suggesting revival and rehabilitation schemes for sick units, including BIFR cases. Representation before Debt Recovery Tribunal and raising resources.

C. Strategic Consulting

Strategic decisions are taken by the organizations highest level. A strategic decision has to be well crafted and well structured.
Our team of strategic consultants at PMH works with top management to help them take decisions to make a business profitable and successful on a wide range of strategic issues like. Strategic advisory includes :

  • Advising and executing business restructuring for organizations keeping in mind the tax implications
  • Helping organizations set up business plans in order to minimize tax liabilities within the given regulatory framework
  • Assessing the impact of amendments in law
  • Our advisors are domain specialists who provide the right direction that the management needs to take.


PMH & Associates LLP was established in 2013. We are a team of young professionals, committed to provide quality professional services in a time-bound manner and build a longstanding relationship with our clients.

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